Joe's Course (JS05): Sept 2017

Yatai Bayashi Session 2 
Fridays, 6:00 PM - 7:45 PM
1.  5/12
2.  5/19
3.  5/26
4.  6/2
5.  6/9
6.  6/16
7.  6/23
8.  6/30
9.  7/7
10.  7/14
11.  7/21
12.  7/28
Level: Beginner and Up

Prerequisites:  Yatai Bayashi Session 1 8-week course, or at discretion of instructor (please contact Joe)

Description: Session 2 of the Yatai Bayashi course reinforces and develops upon the concepts expounded in Session 1 under the contexts of creating a working performance arrangement of Yatai Bayashi for students. In this session, students continue honing their physicality, musicality, and technique - while applying the material to a performance arrangement.

Through the arrangement, students will experience and develop Ne-uchi and Suwari-uchi (also called Zassou Gamae) styles of taiko at both the individual and group levels. This course does not ascribe to a sole arrangement of Yatai Bayashi, but rather combines the instructor’s in-depth experience studying for years under multiple artists and groups including the principal arranger of Yatai Bayashi, Eitetsu Hayashi; as well as KODO; Kaoru Watanabe; and Marco Lienhard. In this manner, students may find a path of understanding to make Yatai Bayashi and its style of playing part of their own taiko journey and expertise.

-Incorporating lower body rocking, ribcage, shoulder blade awareness.
-Ability to maintain control between 'large' and small/intricate striking patterns.
-Ability to run Uchippanashi drill at a variety of tempos. 
-Introducing Tamaire rhythms for shimedaiko. 

Participation in Session I or prior experience with Yatai Bayashi or its style of taiko (or at the discretion of the instructor).