KODO: Eternity (DVD)

The third production by artistic director Tamasaburo Bando, "Eternity," depicts human endeavors among the workings of nature, expressing glimpses of eternity as they manifest themselves. In this revolutionary work, Kodo uses the act of "beating a rhythm" to express a wide range of elements and emotions. The performers freely express themselves on taiko drums as well as numerous other percussion instruments, played with an array of drumsticks, including long bamboo rods and even their own hands and fists. All 13 brand-new compositions intertwine to conjure a radiant realm of natural phenomena, filled with endless possibilities: from the still of a starry night to the thunderous roar of a raging sea.

Featured Programme:

  1. Yogiri
  2. Asayake Gumo
  3. Gosui
  4. Seiten
  5. Katarai
  6. Ameyo Kazeyo
  7. Miwaku
  8. Takibi
  9. Hinoko
  10. Uruwashiki Mori
  11. Michiru
  12. Chokusen
  13. Yondan
  14. Encore: Chokusen

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