Kris' Courses (KB17): Jul 31 - Oct 30


Three types of courses: standard, LATI Blocks, and drop-in.

Standard courses

LATI's Standard courses are 12 once-a-week classes of 1 hour and 45 minutes in length.  The course focuses on a particular topic for the three month term, with the content building on previous weeks'.  Students are expected to attend most or all of these weekly classes to get the benefit of a Standard course.  When an absence can't be avoided and the teacher is informed in advance, a free drop-in coupon will be provided to make-up the missed drum time, though the drop-in topic will not be identical to the class missed.

Standard courses are $264 paid full in advance, or can be paid in three instalments of $96 ($288 total).  Note that there is no "monthly" option.  Even when paying in instalments, students are committing to the full 12 weeks.

LATI Block courses

NEW!  LATI Block courses are sets of 1-hour classes taught back-to-back.  The first hour is generally the most fundamental work, and the last hour, the most high-level.  Students commit to one or more of these classes per week, purchasing 12-hour, 24-hour, 36-hour, etc stamp cards to cover the full term.  LATI Block courses encourage the study of both fundamentals and repertoire simultaneously and allow flexibility in scheduling.

"drop-in non-student": $20 / hour
"drop-in student":     $15 / hour
12-stamp commitment:   $168 / term ($14 / hour)
24-stamp commitment:   $264 / term ($11 / hour)
36-stamp commitment:   $324 / term ($9 / hour)
48-stamp commitment:   $384 / term ($8 / hour)
(Full-Time Student option also avail.)

Drop-in classes

Drop-in classes are intended to allow for flexible attendance.  These classes usually cover common drills or change the topics each week so that students can attend and miss as required.

Drop-in classes are $26 for non-registered students and $15 for registered students.