Saburo Mochizuki Workshops: Jan 15

“The roots - Bon daiko”
Date: January 15, 2017, 1-3pm
Level: Intermediate ~ Advanced
Price: $60
Max Capacity: 16
A rare opportunity to learn from one of the original members of the legendary Sukeroku Taiko, who developed and popularized the slant style and Yodan-Uchi.  In this workshop, participants will get a taste of origins of the now popular slant style, how Saburo Mochizuki developed his Bon-daiko style (festival drumming), and a possible lead up to the basics of Yodan-Uchi.
Note: Mochizuki rarely teaches kumidaiko now!
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“The Art of Kabuki-bayashi”
Date: January 15, 2017, 4-6pm
Level: All levels
Price: $60
Max Capacity: 12
Get a taste of the musical style that fascinated Saburo Mochizuki enough for him to leave the kumidaiko world!
This workshop intends to share Mochizuki’s passion - the art of Kabuki-bayashi (musical accompaniment for Kabuki theater) through hands-on exercise, demo and lecture. You will learn rhythms and phrases of Kabuki music for each of the three instruments used in the ensemble (Tsuzumi, Ookawa, and Shimedaiko) with emphasis placed on the Shimedaiko.


One of the four founding members of the legendary Sukeroku Taiko (formed 1959), Saburo Mochizuki has been performing professionally from a young age.  In 1968, Sukeroku Taiko performed in the US, laying the groundwork for the widespread popularity of the slant style and Yodan-Uchi across North America. While pursuing his taiko career, Mochizuki took interest in the study of Kabuki-bayashi (musical accompaniment for Kabuki theater) and in 1972, he received the stage name Saburo Mochizuki.  Currently he serves as a leading performer for this style of music and performs regularly at the acclaimed Kabuki-za and Kokuritsu-gekijo (National Performing Art Theater) in Japan. He is an associate professor of Tokyo University of Arts and is also active in creating and performing Kabuki-bayashi, Matsuri-bayashi, Shin-gaku and Wadaiko based fusion music.